CHYZYK, Inc.The Data Struggle

Most organizations struggle with gathering, organizing and refining the data from and for their business. CHYZYK, Inc. understands the need for real time data to effectively steer your business.  We can develop and implement the platforms, process, procedures, and systems to effectively collect, manage, report, understand, interpret, and analyze your business operations and financial results.

Interpret, Advise and Consult

CHYZYK, Inc. specializes in B2B, B2C, manufacturing wholesale, distributor, e-commerce, retail, and restaurant industries.  With our combined knowledge of finance, accounting, operations, and systems, we find ways to stream-line and simplify your chaos into timely, accurate, and meaningful  information.  We build solid processes and systems with solid data for planning and analysis in order to guide sound strategic initiatives, budgeting and decisions, strategic development and building of critical relations.

We Are Your Solution

CHYZYK, Inc. thinks outside of the “same old way” to bring fresh ideas to the business process, and then designs, develops and implements practical and technical solutions. We bridge communication and commitment across all sectors: C level members and Executive Leadership Teams, BOD, PE, and Shareholder groups.  We interact with all levels, from the “shop floor or loading dock” to the “corner” office.

Finally, and most importantly, our number one goal is to put dollars to your bottom line.

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