Have a LATTE – Customer Service

Now a-days the idea of customer, client service, or dealing with customer issues in a positive way, seems to be something from the past. The following is from Starbucks customer service training.  I believe it is something that we all can learn from.

LATTE method for dealing with customer problems. LATTE is simply an acronym for:

  • L – Listen completely to the customer.
  • A – Acknowledge the problem.
  • T – Take action to resolve the problem.
  • T– Thank the customer for bringing the situation to your attention.
  • E – Encourage the customer to return.

This method is incredibly simple to apply, yet it can sometimes misfire if our focus is slightly blurred. To help make it crystal clear, remember this:

Listen means active listening, it doesn’t mean not speaking. There’s a big difference. You want to listen for clues to what exactly the problem is.

Acknowledge the problem is best delivered by repeating back to the person what you believe to be the issue. If perhaps you’ve read the situation wrong, this will be the time to clarify any misunderstanding.

Take action means exactly that – do something about the problem. The quicker you can move forward the quicker the problem will be resolved.

Thank them. Killing a customer with kindness often works, but when it’s done with sincerity it has a whole new meaning. Remember, with every complaint comes a chance to learn, fix and make someone happy.

Encouraging people to return is simply inviting them to connect with you again.